Researchers Avoid Death-by-PowerPoint

Thirty dentists, researchers and care specialists wanted to learn how not to bore their audiences to death as they often see happens at their conferences and trainings. So, we offered a three-lesson course, in Dutch, with each two-hour lesson repeated three times.  By spreading out the lessons over a three-month period there was time for 30 participants to think about and recognize real world examples of the skills and dangers we were discussing in the course. We covered all aspects of presentation from basic speech structure to using PowerPoint and being a trainer.

Three months later, here is what one participant writes about her experience:

Zou je Bill willen bedanken voor de cursus presenteren die ik van hem heb mogen volgen? Ik kon maar twee avonden volgen, maar heb er echt veel aan gehad.
Vandaag hield ik een presentatie over onderzoek voor alle onderzoekers van VU-mka en ik kreeg veel leuke reacties. Ik durf nu meer mezelf te zijn tijdens het presenteren en mensen aan het lachen maken.
Moet nog veel leren hoor, maar het is een begin.


Will you thank Bill for the presentation course that I followed. I was only able to attend two lessons, but I got a lot out of them.
Today I gave a research presentation for researchers at VU-mka [OMS] and I received many nice responses. I now dare to be myself while presenting and making people laugh.
I still have a lot to learn, but it’s a beginning.

It’s great to hear that a student has really profited from one of our courses. And, I am certain that the listeners at her presentation were also very grateful not to be bored to death.