Connecting Women Want to Know

What would you say in 45 minutes to a group 100 Connecting Woman in The Hague about presenting in public? Whoever you are and whoever is listening, to be effective you need to find a personal connection between you and them.  I call it a “heart-bridge” from your heart to theirs. Be authentic and let the passion you feel for your topic infuse the energy in the room. Apparently my message resounded with the audience as this was my evaluation afterwards:

The comments were all very positive, to quote; ‘it was motivating, pleasant, fun’, ‘Bill is an engaging speaker’, ‘made good points in an entertaining way’, ‘I learned how to prepare better’, ‘he was an excellent speaker’
– Jill Wraight – Connecting Women

Help is Here, Anywhere, Anytime

Did you know that Skype video can be a great tool to improve your presentation?
Even the most advanced speakers know that It’s always a good idea to practice your speech with someone before you present it in public.  Let us help you. Contact Bill via Skype at billmonsour to request an E-coaching session and get answers today about your next presentation.

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Researchers Avoid Death-by-PowerPoint

Thirty dentists, researchers and care specialists wanted to learn how not to bore their audiences to death as they often see happens at their conferences and trainings. So, we offered a three-lesson course, in Dutch, with each two-hour lesson repeated three times.  By spreading out the lessons over a three-month period there was time for 30 participants to think about and recognize real world examples of the skills and dangers we were discussing in the course. We covered all aspects of presentation from basic speech structure to using PowerPoint and being a trainer.

Three months later, here is what one participant writes about her experience:

Zou je Bill willen bedanken voor de cursus presenteren die ik van hem heb mogen volgen? Ik kon maar twee avonden volgen, maar heb er echt veel aan gehad.
Vandaag hield ik een presentatie over onderzoek voor alle onderzoekers van VU-mka en ik kreeg veel leuke reacties. Ik durf nu meer mezelf te zijn tijdens het presenteren en mensen aan het lachen maken.
Moet nog veel leren hoor, maar het is een begin.


Will you thank Bill for the presentation course that I followed. I was only able to attend two lessons, but I got a lot out of them.
Today I gave a research presentation for researchers at VU-mka [OMS] and I received many nice responses. I now dare to be myself while presenting and making people laugh.
I still have a lot to learn, but it’s a beginning.

It’s great to hear that a student has really profited from one of our courses. And, I am certain that the listeners at her presentation were also very grateful not to be bored to death.



Team Pitch Presentation for Starbucks Contract

Starbucks was looking for a new company to take over the housekeeping services for all of their UK stores — a really big contract. I got the call from a guy who desperately wanted his company to win that contract. Very soon, the Starbucks UK senior executives were going to hear several competing companies each make a one-hour, all-or-nothing presentation, all on the same day in London.

This guy’s team included someone from Germany, England, Portugal, France and the Netherlands. One guy was micro-detailed; another talked a mile an hour. The third guy was overflowing with ideas, while the fourth was quiet and passive. You could not have asked for a more diverse collection of styles and cultures. We needed to turn that diversity into a strength. With my perspective as an outsider, I was able to quickly identify their three main selling points, focus on which aspects of their company to highlight, and help this international company team create a well-organized presentation.

While their products and services might be very good, it was going to take a well-prepared and well-presented message to make Starbucks know and trust this team. I gave them two sessions here in the Netherlands and then a final rehearsal in London on the night before the big competition.  I felt the team was ready; they had a strong, clear and exciting story to tell.  Unfortunately, they could probably expect the same from the all of other competitors. Everyone really wanted and needed this contract.

In the face of such stiff competition and with such meager preparation, guess what happened? The next day, the team leader sent me the following message:

We have good news… Our presentation was considered the best and we have been selected for the last phase with another competitor company. Your role was crucial to achieve that result. – Luis Borges – Johnson Diversey

Wow! The best presentation! That made me feel great.

Do you want your next product presentation to beat the competition?  Can you afford not to make your presentation the best that it can be? Call me and let’s talk.

OPCW Conference Opening Speech by Bill Monsour

opcw 5I had the honor of presenting an opening speech at the Peace Palace in The Hague. It was to welcome 200 ambassadors, scientists and a Nobel peace prize winner to the International Conference on Chemical Safety and Security which was put together by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The program was one of many organized during the Year of Chemistry, as designated by the United Nations General Counsel.