Our Lead Trainer

Bill Monsour, Program Director for Training Arts International, attended Dartmouth College, the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting in New York, and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Development from the University of San Francisco.

Over the years he has held diverse positions in leading international companies, including operations advisor for Fastframe USA and Fastframe Japan, and  marketing & customer relations manager for Charn Issara Property Development in Bangkok.

Mr. Monsour is a former advanced trainer with the Kellogg Training Center in Los Angeles.  A Certified Toastmaster, he is the 2008 Dutch-language Toastmasters National Speech Champion, the 2007 European Toastmaster of the Year, the 2005 English-language European Speech Champion, the 2004 Benelux Speech Champion and 2003 Benelux Champion Evaluator.

A truly inspirational speaker, he will hold your attention from start to finish with his warmth, wit and sensitivity.  He is people-oriented and communicates his management experience with enthusiasm.