What Others Say About Us

Bill is the finest public-speaking coach I have ever met. A pillar of Toastmasters in the Netherlands, he took me from being a nervous and ineffective public speaker to one that can deliver a powerful speech. Let him help you! He can change your life through public speaking.Bob Bragar, Amsterdam, micro-finance consultant, international lawyer and founder of Local Voice for Development, January 15, 2009  (from LinkedIn)

When I first met Bill Monsour (Toastmasters Division Conference in Lisbon, 2009), I was instantly impressed by his capabilities as an inspirational speaker. By that time I knew he had been European Champion of Public Speaking and had very high expectations – but he was actually able to surprise me. Bill was charming, fun, creative, inspirational and had this sincere way to talk, that it looked like he was talking to each person in the audience, directly to their hearts. In 2010, I had to find an inspiration speaker to a conference I was organizing in Istanbul (MSPA Europe annual conference), and he was the first name I remembered. Bill showed a high level of professionalism, not only on the day of the conference, but during the preparation time as well. Being a very experienced speaker, he was thoughtful to share some tips with me, contributing to the overall success of the event. Considering my experience with Bill Monsour, I truly recommend his work.” Cristiani Cruz de Oliveira, MSPA Europe annual conference chair, September 5, 2010 (from LinkedIn)

I have had the privilege of seeing Bill on stage, hosting a speech competition for the International Toastmasters Conference in The Hague. Bill has demonstrated a unique talent of engaging and energizing the audience, while at the same time being able to put the spotlight fully on the participants. His gentle humor and professional manner made his performance look effortless: a rare gift indeed!” Paul Rulkens, Global Program Manager Manufacturing, DSM Dyneema, June 28, 2010 (from LinkedIn)